"We have always had a fantastic experience with Chef Brian. He has never met our expectations....but always exceeded them. His presentation and food quality are superb. As someone who was in the restaurant business for a number of years I can personally attest, for a grand evening, enjoy Chef Brian!"

Tom Wahl and Glen Skalny

Brighton, New York


“I’m not much for words because they don’t do Chef Brian justice. His presence, calm unassuming demeanor, poise and elegance are just the wrapping paper and bow of his cuisine. When you open up the bow and tear back the paper, the cuisine you find is incredibly flavorful, colorful, meaningful, passionate, extraordinarily well balanced and precise”


Miami, Florida

“Genius! Simply a food and performing genius. From each bite to wine pairing Brian Frank is my new modern day hero. He made me cry tears of joy”

Mark Goldstein

Manhattan, New York


“Never did I think I could enjoy high-quality fine cuisine in the comfort of our own home. Chef Brian Frank demonstrated his mastery by delivering a remarkable dining adventure stimulating our palate, sense of smell, and stunning visual presentations. A truly memorable and exceptional experience with a talented and undoubtedly future James Beard Award winning chef”

Jason & Chris Buitrago

Rochester, New York


“I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and eat in some of the most highly acclaimed Michelin star restaurants. Osteria Francescana. Modena, Italy. Eleven Madison Park. New York, USA. Noma. Copenhagen, Denmark. Arpège. Paris, France. Alinea. Chicago, USA just to name a few of my favorites. I am a foodie, pain in the ass to please and detail oriented perfectionist who appreciates the finer things in life. I had the pleasure of dining with Chef Brian Frank and his team in the comfort of a home rented out for the 2016 Masters Golf Tournament and was overwhelmingly delighted and blown away to say the least. Why he doesn’t have a restaurant is beyond me because I would fly anywhere to have his culinary artistry again. Chef Frank’s cuisine is clear, concise, passionate, simple yet contradictorily complicated. It’s a seamless execution of food, service, ambiance, and beautiful artistry that defines the type of experience I had with him. I would rank this dining experience amongst my top three.”

Michael T.

Los Angeles, CA


“Brian prepared a fantastic dinner. Each course was outstanding and the presentation matched the dish’s high quality. Moreover, he directed the entire set-up, dinner and breakdown that involved nothing on my end. It was an effortless evening that everyone loved”

Nelson Thomas,

Rochester, New York


“My husband an I had the delightful experience of Chef Franks Cuisine this past June in Newport, RI while he was being featured at a restaurant called The Revolving Door. Between his calm unassuming demeanor, quality of food and wine suggestions, Chef Frank will always be on our radar. We look forward to dining at his next pop up restaurant near or far and will continue to make trips for his cuisine and level of service”

Always Kim and Charles

Denver, Colorado


“Chef Brian arranged a very special birthday celebration in my home.  From his smiling greeting to the last toast and forkful of a sinful dessert, it was a multi course bacchanalia of good tastes beautiful crafted and served. Everyone had a grand time, even me who asked him to turn the lights out and lock up as he left the kitchen looking like new.”

Dan Meyers

Rochester, New York


“Chef Brian is beyond his years in age and culinary expertise.  His approach is clean, balanced and an explosion of flavor from the first bite.

Visually exciting creativity.  Quietly seductive. He gets it!  Delicious experience to taste the mindful passion to Chef Brian’s craft.”

Thank you for the journey.

Pamela and Reinhard Danger

Rochester, New York


“Chef Brian cooked my family and me a meal that we'll remember for the rest of our lives, and he did it with poise, grace, and true professionalism. The love and thought that he put into every dish was apparent, and, months later, we're still dreaming about it. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat!”

Lynda Stock

Pittsford, New York


“We enjoyed a private dining experience with Brain Frank in July.  From beginning to end, Brian was a pleasure. But his art, the food, was a masterpiece....gorgeous and beyond delicious.  An evening with Brian is truly an experience that ranks among the top.  Brian created an unforgettable culinary adventure in our home!”

Garlock Family

Penfield, New York